1 Extremely Effective Way To Lose Fat!

This here is something I recommend everyone try. Not just to lose lots of fat but to also get in better shape!It is as simple as buying this! That's right, a speed rope. Childish, you might say. But say no more because jumping rope is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, and tone your muscles. It is one of the most effective cardiovascular activities even better than jogging or biking. 

Why? Simple, not only are you jumping but you are also moving your arms. Even further you are also contracting your core, which is a great workout in its self! Just jumping rope for 30 minutes will burn 300 calories. Add that up and soon enough those pounds will fly away. For maximum effectiveness you can try High Intensity Interval training. A video explaining this in detail and providing workouts can be found here. But here is a basic overview: You train in intervals, it can be something like 30 seconds jumping rope and 10 seconds resting, and doing that for 10 minutes. This basically allows you to burn fat even when you're not working out. Best of all this can be done inside you house or anywhere you go, as the speed rope is ultra portable. For those who need help getting started here are some basic tips:

• Don't take two hops per turn; this is the number one error I see people make. It over-stresses knees and ankles and cuts down the calorie burn. Instead, stay up on the balls of your feet and spin your rope moderately fast (70-120 turns per minute) and evenly so you take only one jump per turn of the rope.
• Use your wrists, not your shoulders, to turn the rope. Bend your arms and keep them close to your body, at hip-to-waist level. Don't jump more than an inch off the ground and keep your knees springy.
• Aerobic shoes and those with extra ankle support and padding at the ball of your foot are best for jumping. Ideal jumping surfaces: padded carpets and "sprung floors" like those found in basketball courts and aerobic studios.
• If you have trouble synchronizing upper and lower body movements when jumping, fold rope in half and hold both handles in your right hand. Grip the center of line with left hand and hold hands up near waist level so that loop is off to side. Now jump as you turn the loop. Stay low, bending knees slightly as you touch down, and swinging the rope in unison with your feet. Once you have mastered this timing, it should be easier to learn the jumping moves.

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