How I Lost Weight

"How do I lose weight?" I want to tell you how you can lose weight in a healthy fashion. I hope, after reading this, you are encouraged to start doing something about your weight issue! How did I lose weight? Well, I tried many diets and exercise regimens, but, alas, they all failed. I was talking about my problem to a friend of mine, who said I should start by reading. I started to look at books and found one that seemed interesting.  Bought it and immediately started reading. I never got to the middle before I started to realize that this was the same "juice diet" crap! So I looked, dishearteningly, for a weight loss program. Bought it. To my surprise it was actually helpful. 

The program was Fat Loss Factor which can be found here: Fat Loss Factor. "Yes, seems like another one of the programs that just don't work." But it is just the opposite! This program will teach you a lot about how the diets and exercise work. To those who have never dieted or attempted too, the methods may seem hard. But I urge you to keep going on as they will become easier! So let's start with what this program does for you. The program allows you to lose weight AND get stronger! The program will last for a total of 12 weeks, split into 2 phases. Phase one will last for a week. It is a "detox." Which will basically rid your body of all toxins. Think of it like a body cleanse! The second phase lasts for 10 weeks and is where all the action will happen. You will be put on a strict diet and exercise regimen. The diet is flexible, but balanced overall. Combined with the strength/cardio training, it is VERY effective.

The program also has powerful tools to aide you in your mission. Things like meal recipes, exercise logs, videos, and much more! My experience with this program have been amazing! I can't recommend it enough to people who are looking to lose weight, or just want to get in better shape. There are many other ways to lose weight, but this is one method that just stands out. Again if you want to purchase the program or get more information then go here: Fat Loss Factor! Thanks for taking your time to read my review!

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